Thursday, November 24, 2016

Dead Rising 4 PC Review

The Dead Rising 4 is anew upcoming video game that is about anopen world survival horror‘em up. It was created by the Capcom Vancouver. This game was then published by the Microsoft studios for the Microsoft Windows and the Xbox One. It talks about the coming of Frank West, and is set to be released worldwide on 6 December, 2016.
The video game talks about the ultimate zombie’s slayer who returns home for his holidays!

TheHero Returns- in this video game Frank west returns to actin the next episode of Dead Rising franchise.
For2 new classes of the zombies- in this game you willscavengeandexplore the open world sandbox of theWillamette in Colorado as youface off against theagile zombies and thenewlyzombifiedenemies that canattack youfrom above, they have very great speed and ferocity, the zombies have also very superior strength and their mobility can mimic the behavior same as that of the predator hunting animals.
Everything and just anything is a weapon- the collection or group of weapons and vehiclesthat you are provided withallows you, the playerto design thetools that youcan use in zombie destruction.
The EXO Suits- these suits give the players a super powered weapon which hasvery terrific power that can take on the Zombie horde.
Multiplayer- you can team up with your friends to complete missions in this seamless 4 player co-op or can quickly match and then join the game that is already in progress across the world.

It is all about the holiday season in Willamette, Colorado and we have this mysterious outbreak that has taken over the Memorial Megaplex Mall and has surrounded the town with very lethal and deadly predators. You should join Frank West as he tries to explore this vast and open sandbox that is filled with very deadly new zombies and also try to find ways of killing them as you try to uncover the reason behind the outbreak- or you can die trying.

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