Thursday, November 24, 2016

Dead Rising 4 PC Game Download

Dead Rising fans are anticipating the upcoming release of Dead Rising 4, an open world survival horror game. The video game, developed by Capcom Vancouver,is scheduled to release worldwide on December 6, 2016. Microsoft Studios is publishing the game for Microsoft Windows 10 and the Xbox One. It will not be available on Mac or any other consoles.

Why Dead Rising 4 is Perfect to Play in December

The plot of Dead Rising 4 centers around the return of Frank West in a uniquely Christmas-themed town Willamette, Colorado. Its Christmas theme makes it an even more exciting game to receive as a gift in December.

How Dead Rising 4 Is Different from Previous Installments

Aside from taking place during Christmas season within the fictional world, Dead Rising 4 won't have a timer system. They're getting rid of the timer system to allow gamers to have fun in the world without worrying about the timer. The multiplayer mode, however, will still feature a timer system.

Another difference from previous installments is Dead Rising 4 will not feature cooperative multiplayer in campaign. They made a separate mode for 4-player co-op. Gameplay producer David McAnerin cited the reason for eliminating cooperative multiplayer from the campaign as wanting to focus on Frank West's story.

In Dead Rising 4's co-op mode, you get to experience the backstories of four other characters. The missions in this mode can be quite crazy, making for a lot of fun.

Dead Rising 4 Is a Timed-Exclusive

Dead Rising 4 PC will be a timed-exclusive, available for only 90 days. Therefore, if you want a Dead Rising 4 PC download, you'll have to buy it within three months of its release. The Xbox One version will be available for one year.

Overall, Dead 4 Rising looks like it'll be a fun, entertaining game that's perfect for the holiday season, considering the plot has a Christmas theme. Remember that you only have 90 days to buy the Dead Rising 4 PC game download upon it's release on December 6, 2016 before it will no longer be available to buy. If you're interested in playing, mark your calendar to avoid forgetting.

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